- Autumnal leaf reservation -


Many tourists from Japan and abroad has been visiting Kyoto, especially in autumnal leaf season. Why not find a place where you can appreciate the elegance of Kyoto and enjoy the beautiful scenery of autumnal leaves while you can have a private space of your own.
This Event is going to Show from November 15 to December 5, 2019.


Famous autumn leaf
spots are usually crowded


Kyoto is an elegant city with long history and very popular among tourists from Japan and abroad. Considering it’s hard to enjoy the autumnal leaves fully and quietly in such crowded places, we provide a reservation service for you.


Enjoy the luxury autumnal leaf time
with friends and family.


By reservation, you can fully enjoy the autumnal leaves and feel free to take pictures without caring about people around you, especially on your important anniversary.


- Rinzai ZEN sect
About Shinnyo-ji Temple -

その後は、江戸時代の明暦2年(1656)に後水尾(ごみのお)上皇によって法堂(はっとう)(仏殿)が再建、また客殿(方丈)には、江戸後期京都画壇の絵師の一人、原 在中(はら ざいちゅう)によって襖絵「四季花卉(かき)図」「西湖図」などが描かれています。

Shinnyo-ji temple belongs to Shokoku-ji School, Rinzai ZEN sect as a sub temple of the head temple, Shokoku-ji Temple. The founder of it is Mugaku Genso(the founder of Mugaku School),Bukko Kokushi.The history of the temple can be traced back to 1286 when Mugainyodai founded Shomyaku-An Temple. In 1342, the pupil of Mugaku Genso’s pupil, Soseki Muso became its head priest and maintained the buildings of the temple by support of Kono Moronao, the regent of Takauji Ashikaga (a famous general, the founder of Muromachi Bakuhu regime) and the brother of Takauji Ashikaga. Since then, Shinnyo-ji Temple developed under the protection and support of the Muromachi Bakufu government and expanded the precinct when the land at the foot of Kinugasa-yama Mountain with beautiful view became part of it later.
In 1656, Edo Period, Hondo (lecture hall of a temple) was rebuilt by the order of Gominoo (retired emperor). There are 2 famous Fusumaes (a picture painted on a sliding paper door) in Kyaku-den(reception hall), named Shikikaki-zu(flower in four seasons) and Seiko-zu(Wset Lake)painted by Zaichu Hara, a painter of Kyoto art world from late Edo Period.
In modern times, it adopted a new deity, Hansobodaigen, from Hoko-ji Temple, the head temple of Hoko-ji School, in Okuyama, Enshu in 1918. Since then, it has been the Chinjyu( Tutelary Deity of the Land) of the temple.


- Information on the precincts -



- Special display
precious Husumae(paintings on sliding doors) in Kyaku-den Hall -

客殿には江戸時代後期に活躍した画家、原 在中(はら ざいちゅう)による襖絵が多数残されています。

There’re many Husumae left in Kyaku-den Hall painted by Zaichu Hara from late Edo Period.
He, as a painter of Kyoto art world, used elaborated colors and realistic painting style like Okyo Mruyama to paint landscapes, humans, flowers and birds You can appreciate Fusumaes in Shinnyo-ji Temple, such as Shikikaki-zu(flowers in four seasons)and Suzume Asagao-zu (sparrow and morning glory)


- Greetings from Jushoku (the head priest) -


In the autumn of 2019, in Shinnyo-ji Temple we planned a special event, autumnal leaf reservation, in order to provide a quiet and private space for you to enjoy the autumnal leaves. you can enjoy the autumnal leaves quietly and peacefully in the precinct within the reservation time.
I hope you can spend affluent time here enjoying autumnal leaves no matter you are alone or with friends and family, just enjoy the beauty of nature on the approach to the temple with the Kinugasa-yama Mountain as the background and feel the elegance and atmosphere of Kyoto in the traditional buildings with fantastic paintings around you.
Sincerely looking forward to your coming.


Chief Priest


- Access -

萬年山 眞如寺Shinnyoji Temple

電車:京福電鉄 等持院駅下車 徒歩約5分
バス:北野白梅町バス停下車 徒歩約10分

〒 603-8346
61, Tojiinkitamachi, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Get off train at The Keifuku Randen Tram Line Tojiin Station, walk for about 5 minutes
Get off bus at Kitanohakubaicho, walk for about 10 minutes


- FAQ -

予約について- For reservation -


Is it possible to increase or change the number of people of the reservation?


You can change the number of people on the day you applied for reservation change as long as it doesn’t exceed 15 people.


If it’s full of reservation on preferred date. Could you let me know if cancellation comes out?


We don’t contact those who are waiting for cancellation with the cancellation information. please check the calendar on our site for the latest information.


Please tell me the price of admission


The admission is 6000 yen uniformly for a reservation of up to 15 people. And the admission doesn't change no matter there's only one person or 15 person s. You can split the fee by 3000 yen per person when there're only 2 person, 600 yen per person for a 10-people-group, but please pay the admission together at the reception before the visiting.

キャンセル・変更について- Cancellation / Change -


I want to cancel my reservation, but will I be charged for a cancellation fee?

キャンセルをご希望の場合は、早めにメールフォームまたは 075-925-7711(平日9~18時 ※営業時間外はお問合せフォームからご連絡くださいませ。)でご連絡ください。キャンセル料金等はございませんので必ず事前にご連絡ください。

Please contact us by e-mail or telephone 075-925-7711 Weekdays from 9 to 18 hours ※ Please contact us from inquiry form outside business hours. as soon as possible if you want to cancel the reservation. There is no cancellation fee.


I want to change the reservation date or time.


Please contact us by e-mail to change the time. You will receive an email showing you the reservation change is completed.

ご予約日当日について- About access -


Please tell me the schedule from reception to the end of the visiting.


You can enter the temple by the west gate or the south gate. Those come by cars or bikes or motorcycles, please enter by the west gate and use the parking lots at south. You can take a walk around the temple precincts if you arrive early. Please come to the entrance of Kyakuden (reception hall of the temple) when it’s your reservation time. The Jushoku(priest) or people involved with the temple will be waiting for you there. And they will spend from 5 to 10 minutes explaining the rule of the temple while visiting after filling out the reception slip and paying the admission. And then they will show you to the Shoin (the study hall) and the Husumae(paintings on the sliding doors) which is usually not open for visitors. Then, you can enjoy your time freely in the Shoin or other places in the temple during your reservation time. For those who want a Goshuin(a stamp given by the temple), please apply for it at the reception place, and the Goshuin will be given to you when you leave the temple.


Is all the spaces of the temple can be reserved?


The Kyakuden(reception hall of the temple) and some determined places of Shoin(study hall of the temple) can be reserved for visitors. Please check the map on the home page to confirm the reservable places. Temple precinct apart from the reservable spaces above is also open for the those who made reservations and other visitors. There are some off-limits in the temple which you will be told at the reception in the temple. Please pay attention to the Keep out signs and other signs in the temple.


Is it ok to take pictures in the temple precinct?


There will be a notice at no-photographing places. And the photograph is prohibited in the Kyakuden and Shoin, neither for the Husumae. But it is allowed to photograph in those rooms for autumnal leaf viewing in Shoin .

アクセスについて- About access -


Can I go by a large-sized bus?


Since the roads are narrow, large-sized and medium-sized buses can’t pass through. Please use micro bus and get off in front of the south gate, because there’s no parking lot.


Is there a bicycle or motorcycle bicycle parking area?


Worshippers can park the bicycle or motorcycle bicycle in the car parking area.

その他- Other -


Can people in a wheelchair go for visit?


I'm sorry. There is a stair in front of the Kyaku-den Hall. IN addition, the precincts are gravel roads and stone pavements. It might hard for wheelchair users to visit the temple.


Are there discounts for students and disabled people?


Sorry, we don’t have discounts for students and disabled people.


Is it possible to visit the temple outside the opening hours?


It depends on the time. Please send an email specified the preferred date, the number of people, the contact information clearly to the email form. (your request may be refused according to date and time, please be understanding of this.)


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ご予約はこちらから Reservation


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